—> What if you could become friends with your body & with your mind?

—> What if you would naturally and easily treat your body – treat yourself – the way you would treat a dear friend?

—> What if you could contact your subconscious and let go of physical problems and bad habits?

If this sounds amazing to you… it is! Welcome to OSHO Reminding Yourself of The Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Body-Mind, a beautiful and powerful 7-day meditative therapy program created by Osho.

Yes, 7 days. Actually, 7 hours – 1 hour a day – that’s all there is to it. And then the process goes on by itself. It’s all very effortless. Very easy. Very natural. (Just like tantra is supposed to be ;-)). It’s a guided meditation where a deep relaxation happens, and we again become friends with our bodies, remembering ‘the forgotten language’ of communicating with the body-mind.

This process is especially developed as:

  • ❤ a simple, yet powerful guided meditation and relaxation process for relieving the symptoms of stress-related physical discomforts and pain — including such as headaches, sleeplessness, digestive problems, neck and shoulder pain and many other body symptoms.
  • ❤ a method for deepening and harmonizing the body-mind connection, which results in an overall improvement in well-being.
  • ❤ a process of befriending the body and becoming more sensitive to its needs, which in turn can help support other health-related programs such as diet and exercise.
  • ❤  an initial 7-day process which can be repeated but also used on a daily basis according to our own structure.

I am so excited to be offering this amazing meditative therapy online this summer 2020! The meditations are LIVE using the free Zoom app. Would you like to be part of it? Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter, so you’re the first to know when this online tantra program launches! More info will follow soon.

  • —> You don’t need a partner.
  • —> You can do the course from the safety of your own home.
  • —> You can continue the process afterwards with a special app.

*Language: the online course will first be launched in Dutch. After that I would love to facilitate it in English and Spanish too (yaay!). This program is so powerful that I don’t want anyone to have to miss out!

Once you start communicating with your body, things become very easy. The body need not be forced, it can be persuaded. One need not fight with the body – that’s ugly, violent, aggressive, and any sort of conflict is going to create more and more tension. So you need not be in any conflict – let comfort be the rule. And the body is such a beautiful gift from nature that to fight with it, is to deny nature itself. It is a shrine… we are enshrined in it; it is a temple. We exist in it and we have to take every care of it – it is our responsibility.‘ Osho

Because it’s a live event, PLACES ARE LIMITED. So sign up for the newsletter now now now. 😉