Hi, my name is Shivani. Born and raised in the Netherlands, but more of a latina on the inside. I love dancing and I love the Spanish language and relaxed attitude. I spend 8 years living in Spain and Argentina.

Shivani in Buenos Aires, Argentinië

Growing up I was very sensitive to what was happening around me and the suffering in the world. I wondered about the meaning of life. Going to school, getting a job, a family and then dying… It seemed so meaningless to me. ‘There must be more to life than that.’ At age 24 I had my first experiences of awakening, thanks to The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle) and to some random experiments with meditation, which went very deep. Now I knew for sure that there’s more to life!

After getting my Master’s degree in Spanish and doing a 3 year yoga teacher training, I decided to fully immerse myself in tantra. It’s been the best decision of my life. What I love about tantra is that it includes all aspects of myself as a human –and spiritual–being.

Tantra is not about fighting our humanness – our anger, our sadness, our animal side, our joy, our fears, our busy minds, our sensuality, our sexuality. Tantra is about fully embracing and living all aspects of ourselves, but with awareness! Consciously.

By consciously living all of me, I’ve gotten the deepest spiritual experiences. Some I didn’t even know were possible for a ‘simple human being’ like myself 😉

These experiences have given a deeper meaning to my life. Now spiritual concepts are no longer spiritual concepts – they have become reality. Through kundalini awakening all of the concepts about energy, about oneness, about love, are now a lived truth. Not just full body orgasm is possible, but also experiencing Mahamudra – a sort of orgasm with the whole universe – is possible. So many doors have opened for me. And I wish that they may open for you too! So I say:

Don’t be a Buddhist, be a Buddha! ~ Shivani

I did a 2 year Tantra Teacher Training with one of the most world-renowned tantra teachers, Ma Ananda Sarita. She spend 26 years living in Osho’s commune and she got all of the tantric teachings straight from him. I feel grateful to have received many transmissions from Sarita, as well as from my Indian teacher Swami Anahata from India. I’m looking forward to sharing tantra with you!

Tantra Teacher Training with Ma Ananda Sarita & Swami Anahata

Education; trainings
2008-2010: Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.
2011-2014: 3 year Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Hastinapura,  Buenos Aires, Argentina.
01/2012: 10 day silence retreat, Hastinapura, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
04/2012: Intensive Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Casa de Luz, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014-2015: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (coach), Civas Nederland.
10/2015: Training Laughter Yoga Leader, Lachyoga Nederland, Rotterdam.
11/2015: Living on prana, ´10 day process´ with Ray Maor, Haarlo.
02/2016: Pranic Healing Course, Institute for Inner Studies, Groningen.
09/2016-12/2016: Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, Mangalam, Amsterdam.
2017-2018: Tantra Teacher Training, Tantra Essence, Corfu.
10/2018: 10 day darkness retreat (by myself), Leesoja, Estonia.
11/2018: Tachyon Vertical Reality level 1, London, England.
06/2019: Tachyon Vertical Reality level 2, Vilnius, Lithuania.
06/2020: OSHO Reminding yourself the Forgotten Language of Talking to the BodyMind facilitator training, Osho Multiversity Online.

Besides all of that I love:
♥ to dance dance daaance!
♥ going to the park with a friend
♥ traveling to warm places
♥ to enjoy the silence of nature
♥ doing some serious sweating in the sauna
♥ relaxing on the couch with my Argentinean sweethearts Surya & Mila

Feel free to contact me.

Love, Ma Prem Shivani.

Surya & Mila