Online course in Dutch!

Oh so very exciting! We are working on an online program, about tantra & sexuality, which we will launch somewhere in the future (no promises yet)…

Would you like to explore tantric practices to activate your sexual energy (kundalini) and to revolutionize your sex life?

Would you like to experience more self love, more freedom and discover what happens when sex and spirit merge? Then this course is for you!

  • You don’t need a partner.
  • You can do the course from the safety of your own home.
  • You can go at your own speed.

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Evening & day workshops

Join me for a day or an evening. Each workshop has a different theme and a different flavor. Self love, freedom, emotions, connection, darkness, relaxation – and I keep on adding workshops all of the time.

An evening workshop generally lasts 2,5 to 3,5 hours. It is a great way to explore certain themes, like the ones I mentioned. It is also a perfect opportunity to get a taste of what tantra is.

A day workshop normally starts in the morning and ends before dinner. It’s a great way to go a bit deeper, to fully explore a certain theme. It can be a really profound experience, so make sure to join me some day. Most evening & day workshops are in Dutch.

Here you can find all of the upcoming evening and day events.

*Nederlands: Meestal zijn de avond- en dagworkshops in het Nederlands.


Let’s go on a tantric journey together! If you live or work near to Groningen, you can join me for a tantra course. It’s a beautiful way to dive deeper in the save setting of a fixed group. Another advantage of a course is that it gives you time to digest in between of the meetings. And during the course there’s space to connect and bond with your fellow travelers. Also you will get a taste of many different sorts of tantric practices.

Here you can find all of the upcoming courses.

*Nederlands: Meestal zijn cursussen in het Nederlands.

Weekend workshops

From Sex to Superconsciousness

I love weekend workshops. We disconnect from normal life so that we can really immerse ourselves in tantra together. In this save bedding deep experiences and transformation can happen.

There’s a very special series of weekend workshops that I offer together with a male co-teacher: ‘From Sex to Superconsciousness’. This expression is invented by Osho and the weekends were created by my teacher Ma Ananda Sarita. She is a world renowned tantra master and she received direct transmissions from Osho, during 26 years. I am part of her Tantra Essence team.

It’s an amazing tantra journey through the chakras consisting of 7 weekends! Every weekend (Fri-Sun) focuses on one of the seven chakras. So for almost three days you will experience all sorts of tantric practices, like tantra meditations, emotional release, movement, massage, breath, men’s/women’s group, rituals.

You can join us for the complete 2 year tantra training (7 weekends in 2020-2022). This is truly an amazing oportunity! You are also free to join any weekend that suits you, as you don’t have to attend all of the chakra weekends nor do them in any particular order. If you do complete all 7 weekends, you will receive a certificate.

The tantra weekends are starting October 2020 (if the current corona situation allows us to). I will be facilitating them with Jonathan in the north of Holland, Friesland, in Dutch & English – and in Belgium, near Brussels, with Michael in English & French.

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Here you can find all of the upcoming weekend workshops.

Singing Bowl Massage 


Time for some 1-on-1 self love!

I would be very happy for you to experience the profound effects of a singing bowl massage (klankschaalmassage). The sessions I give are quite different from what you may be used to, if you ever had one. A singing bowl session is a massage for the body and the soul. And the healing qualities of it are simply amazing.
Read more about it here.