Mirjam TorenbeekBeeldend Kunstenaar
A whole new world is opening up to me. I’ve always suspected there was more in life and now, with you, I’m in the right place to access it. I really like the clear structure that you offer. Clear, “simple”, structured. That gives me a safe feeling, which makes it easy to surrender. It’s very nice that you also share music and give texts / homework. This allows for the process to continue. And no vague or woolly stuff, but all very down-to-earth. I think you are calm, funny, reliable, clear and groundbreaking.

== https://erotischekunst.frl/

Shivani is sincere and honest in the way she teaches her workshops. A beautiful, soft and energetic presence. She has a lot of knowledge in the field of Tantra and spirituality. And during the wonderful, loving massage she gave me I was able to completely relax and experience stillness.
Heidie Amla MayiPrimal Rebirth Therapeute in opleiding
It was an evening of letting go and connection and I came home feeling relaxed and recharged. I experienced your guidance as natural, compassionate and clear. Obviously you are passionate about this and that makes it inviting to surrender to the process. Sometimes I had some resistance but your enthusiasm made things very easy. == https://stembevrijding-groningen.nl/
Avelien JansenStembevrijding Groningen
Merle van der KooiParticipant Chakra Journey
Elien (Shivani), I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful course I took with you. I have gained so many new experiences, and gained all kinds of insights; very valuable!

Your way of guiding: fantastic! You are earthly and spiritual at the same time. Loving, practical, and challenging – in a friendly way. I believe that this is a great combination of qualities. Oh, and your sense of humor. You are funny in a very natural and modest way. And that brings space and light into the course.

Shivani is an amazing woman, great teacher and beautiful soul. Tantra is her natural state of being. I highly recommend her as a space holder and guide to a deeper life experience.
Shahid van HeldenTantra Teacher
Shivani is inviting and comfortable in her skin. She is very accepting towards questions and comments and shows a lot of herself. I would recommend the Chakra Journey to others, because you can discover your own possibilities. And you will notice that others often want the same kind of things as you. == https://taichigroningen.nl/
David M. KnibbeTai Chi Groningen
Anonymous (man)Participant Chakra Journey
I met Elien (Shivani) during the Chakra Journey; several evenings where we went through all the chakras one by one. My experience is that she is very spontaneous and open to the group. She laughs a lot and thus creates a very open and playful atmosphere. With this energy she brings people into contact with their spirituality and consciousness. The exercises and music are carefully selected and provide food for thought, experience and deepening. I enjoyed it and it was a beautiful contribution to my process. I can recommend Elien wholeheartedly to anyone interested in tantra. And it does not matter whether you are taking your first steps in this world or whether you have been walking this path for a while.
I participated in the Chakra Journey course and I can recommend it to you wholeheartedly if you are ready for a new step in your life.

Elien (Shivani) has a nice and gentle way of guiding and with her enthusiasm she invites you to go beyond your own limits and to be curious about what is possible in connection with yourself and others. Every workshop is different and she uses beautiful exercises.

For me, many things started happening and it opened doors that had been closed for a while. So if you are curious about tantra but mainly about yourself then this is a great course!

Avelien JansenParticipant Chakra Journey
I thought you were a first-class teacher! You create a very pleasant, calm and loving atmosphere, which made me feel at ease during the course.

I found the course sometimes confronting and uncomfortable, and sometimes like a warm bath. Both parts of this experience made me learn more about myself, and at the end of every evening I always went back into the world with a sense of peace inside my heart. I feel that I have come closer to my essence and I really appreciate that! I would absolutely recommend this course!

AnonymousParticipant Chakra Journey
Ilona de JongParticipant Chakra Journey
It was nice to be able to be vulnerable in such a safe, warm and loving setting, which allowed me to receive important insights. I also got the chance to experience many feelings, both positive and negative, which have brought me closer to myself. I feel that I am getting closer to the essence of who I am, on my way to living from my heart.

In my experience, the silences and patience you (Shivani) showed in the group before, during and after the meditations were even more essential than the words you spoke. It made me feel that everything was welcomed, that there was space for everything and everyone.

I have already recommended the tantra course to people several times, with a big smile 🙂 It would be my wish for everyone to experience this, so we can create a more loving world together.