Singing bowl immersion @ Tantra Experience Festival, Corfu.


Want to experience what sound and vibration can do for you?

I would love to give you a singing bowl massage.

I’ve always felt a certain attraction to singing bowls, but it was only a few years ago
that I discovered how powerful they can be. “Can be” because it depends on the
quality of the singing bowl.

In 2017 a dear friend of mine, who is an international singing bowl specialist, gave me
the opportunity to try some of her singing bowls. She had many different kinds
– big ones, small ones, newer ones, older ones.

She also had a few ancient ‘dolphin bowls’, that could be up to several hundreds of
years old. One of them really attracted me and I decided to try it. I could have never imagined what happened then!

As I struck it for the first time, I was so deeply touched, that I burst out in tears. I
had shivers all over my body. It was as if I was hearing the sound of my soul.
It felt so familiar and so beautiful.

I was mesmerized. I kept on playing the bowl for half an hour and the tears continued to roll down my cheeks. I felt very peaceful, like in a deep state of meditation.

This is when I started using singing bowls. I was lucky enough to attend to a ‘Sound
massage course’ from my friend on Corfu, to really master this beautiful art.


What is a singing bowl massage like?

The sessions I give are quite different from what you may be used to, if you ever had one. I don’t leave the bowls in a static way on a fixed place of your body.

What I do, is that I move the bowl very gently and slowly all over your body. This way it is very smooth and your whole body gets covered (except the genitals and the head).

You may get into a space of very deep relaxation.

It can also have very healing effects. Imagine that essentially we are energy, we are
vibration. The vibrations of the singing bowls can heal you on an energetic
level, which leads to physical healing.

But this is not the main focus. It’s no physical therapy. Just consider any healing as a
bonus, an extra.

A singing bowl session is a massage for the body and the soul.




  • You will be on a comfortable mattress on the ground.


  • There is no touching with my hands, just the bowl.


  • You can keep all of your clothes on.


  • A session lasts about 1,5 hour.