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Experience the gifts of darkness – tantra workshop

October 2018 I spend ten days in total darkness. Yes, 240 hours. I could see absolutely nothing. Neither were there any sounds nor people. I was in a special room in a hill, all by myself, mainly meditating (and sleeping ;-)). As you can imagine, it was a very special experience.

It inspired me to create this workshop. During this beautiful evening we WON’T be in total darkness; there will be some nice soft lights. We will simply close our eyes and/or use blindfolds (only during a part of the workshop).

You will get the chance to:
• Experience your other senses (smell, touch, etc.) becoming a lot more sensitive.
• Ask questions about my time spend in darkness.
• Feel a deeper sense of peace.
• Experience a soft yet powerful meditation that works on opening the 3rd eye.

My name is Elien (Ma Prem Leena) and I look forward to sharing my love for tantra with you. What I love about tantra is that it includes all aspects of myself as a human –and spiritual– being.

Tantra is not about fighting our humanness – our anger, our sadness, our animal side, our joy, our fears, our busy minds, our sensuality, our sexuality. Tantra is about fully embracing and living all aspects of our self, but with awareness! Consciously.

By consciously living all of me, I’ve gotten the deepest spiritual experiences. Some I didn’t even know were possible for a ‘simple human being’ like myself 😉

I did a 2 year Tantra Teacher Training with one of the most world-renowned tantra teachers, Ma Ananda Sarita. She lived in Osho’s commune since age 17 and stayed there until she was 43. She got all of the tantric teachings straight from him. I feel grateful to have received many teachings from Sarita, as well as from my beloved teacher Anahata, who is from India and is co-teaching with her.

This spring I will offer an 8 WEEK TANTRA COURSE in Groningen! If you’re curious, please like the Tantra Awakening fb page to stay updated.

You are welcome just as you are! There’s no tantra experience needed.

Love, Elien (Leena)


• Tantric moments is every Friday: http://www.tantricmoments.nl/
• €15,- (€12,- with card system)
• Wear comfortable clothing
• We keep our clothes on (there is no nudity)
• Feel free to bring your own blindfold if you have one

Happy Yoga – Oosterhamriklaan 261a, Groningen

25 January
Friday @ 19:30 - 22:30



Elien Herwig


Happy Yoga

Oosterhamriklaan 261a
Groningen, 9715 SM Netherlands

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